For over 16 years I have been searching, learning, testing and experimenting with natural weight loss and natural fat loss techniques. If you are like me you have been very overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, every program has testimonials and they are being promoted by medical doctors so on and so forth; who knows what is real and what is not. My mission for the past 16 years was to completely get away from medicine and prescription drugs because I wanted to get my body healthier and that medical route was not working; it was actually making me feel worse. I took medicine for headaches, insomnia, asthma, weight loss and anxiety, when I asked the doctors how long I would have to take this stuff they really did not tell me to ever stop. Right then and there I felt like the only reason the doctor was seeing me was to make money, the entire medical system was making money off of me running tests, running labs, doing imaging, diagnosing me, and giving medicine. But what about me, the patient, isn’t the doctor supposed to do everything in their power to consider the patient first, to consider the person who was standing in front of them… Wasn’t there a doctor’s code of ethics that they were supposed to provide me with the best health care services and cause no harm to me or my health? If a medical doctor cannot help you, like for all of those chronic health conditions I was suffering from above; are they not supposed to refer me to someone who can help?
Ok enough of my sob story, and I am not against medicine, there is a time and a place but it was definitely not my best option to get healthy. Medicine can help make you feel better or mask a symptom but it could never get to the underlying cause of my condition; this is important to know and most people have no idea and just keep taking prescription medications from their doctor every visit. Did you know the average American is now taking 3 prescription medications; they are taking medicine commonly for conditions that could easily be reversed by proper diet and exercise like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hormone imbalance. Taking these medications without changing their lifestyle or diet brings about no positive lasting health benefits. What is causing your high blood pressure? well then stop doing that. What is causing your high cholesterol? well stop doing that. What is causing your hormone imbalance? well stop doing that. You see to truly get healthier you have to address the root cause of the problem; this is your only way to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better and improve overall health.
Ok sorry about going off on that tangent, I just get so excited and passionate about this stuff that I feel it is my duty to spread this message. As a nation we are sicker than ever and there has to be some major changes to turn this around. So for the last 16 years I basically tried out all the diets, you have to try it on yourself to truly know if it works right? I did paleo, Atkins, low fat, no fat, high protein, ketogenic and high carb; and while I did have some good results with weight loss I felt lousy, tired, and had no libido. These diets shed some fat but there is no way I could sustain them; it was almost likely my body was super stressed and I had no way to control it. Along with these diets I tried every exercise regimen known to mankind, long distance training, cross fit, P90X, plyometrics, and more. Again I saw some decent results with these exercise programs but my body was so beat up, my knees, ankles, neck and back were sore everyday and then I had to go workout again feeling like that. For exercise you have to be consistent and I could not do that because I was just too sore, pain is something that caused me to be unmotivated for my exercise routine.
Ok so by this time I was beat up and frustrated about my diet and just looking for the next great program. Like many of us, after trying so many different things for weight loss you eventually just want to give up and think “maybe it is just me, maybe I am just meant to look and feel this way”. So out of the blue one day I was searching on the internet and somehow I came across this amazing natural weight loss program that actually does what it says it will do. Just as an added note I am not interested in taking medicine or diet pills to lose weight and get healthier so if any of you out there are into that than this weight loss program is not for you. This particular weight loss system is not like anything I had seen before; the diet and exercise programs really make sense and are easy to understand why you would want to do it this way. When I get involved in a weight loss program I really want to dig in, to understand the why and the reasoning behind it. I dove in 100% and as a result within one week I lost 5 pounds and felt better than I had in a long time. When I say I felt better I mean I was sleeping better, my gas and bloating had decreased by 50%, I had more energy, I could think more clearly and my overall attitude was more positive… should have seen me before; what a grump I was!! It really felt easy for my body to adjust to the diet, exercise and mental preparation; it was like my body was saying why haven’t I always done this? So with those kinds of results it creates a lot of excitement and people start asking me what I am doing, yes even after one week on this program. So I told some of my closest friends, some of them started doing the program and others did not but at least I was helping a few people get healthier. Then I thought to myself, there are so many unhealthy, overweight people in our country and they have no idea where to turn or what to do. Many of them have been through everything diet and exercise wise that you and I have, and like us they really did not get good, healthy, long term results. So I had to let people know, I wanted to let the masses know about how they could lose weight and fat naturally and in a way that was sustainable one week, one month and one year from now. Like I said over the past 16 years I have engaged in almost every diet and exercise program known to man but nothing even touches this, nothing compares to this program. I invite you to take on this journey and see for yourself, experience it for yourself, don’t just believe the testimonials you have to know and understand the program yourself, and take it on with 100% conviction. I truly believe that this information will benefit you, your health will be better off and your body will thank you many times over. You can click here to get started today ( LINK. If you do not decide to do this program please get help somewhere, don’t give up because there are many healthy natural weight loss programs out there and one of them will have your name on it.
Healthy for Life, and Hopefully My Next Life To, LOL