Natural Fat Loss, Yes It Is Possible So Don’t Give Up


Everyone wants the secret to losing weight, more specifically how to lose fat naturally; unfortunately this is a billion dollar industry so the amount of information; shall we say good information is few and far between.  Our mission is to give you the tools and knowledge to lose fat, not lose muscle and improve your health significantly in the process.

Natural fat loss requires work and a commitment to change your health and lifestyle.  Believing in a diet or process does you know good, in order to make lasting changes you have to take action, massive action.  If you have a plan and live that plan every single day you will be successful.  We encourage you to think of the big reasons that you would like to lose weight, big things that are game changing and life changing.

Information and educational tools on natural fat loss only provide results if you take action.  This tools and resources provided on this site are in no way a quick fix approach to weight loss because you and I both know that never works.

My Story:

I have struggled with my diet for many years; I have been through almost every diet plan you can think of, Atkins, Southbeach, Paleo, Low Carb, No Carb as well as a host of different exercise regimens.  While with many of these diet and exercise plans I experienced results I continued to struggle with low energy, poor sleep, digestive issues, libido problems and more.  As a visitor to this website you will get my over 16 years of experience, call it biohacking into my search for optimal health and wellness.

What I have noticed overtime that with natural fat loss, people who get lasting results have some common traits and here they are:

  1. Commitment- this is commitment to do something, a goal to lose weight is going to bring about so much good in your life it will make your head spine.
  2. Get Rid Of The Bad- this may sound simple but get rid of all of the bad or impossible goals that you have.  Trying to accomplish an impossible goal creates no goodness in your life.  Also putting time, effort and money into a goal that is destructive to you or someone else brings about no good even if you accomplish that goal.
  3. The Desire To Follow Through- you might think that the millions of people who fail to lose weight every year still had a desire to lose weight but in all honesty they did not.  You cannot desire something that you don’t understand,  and this is why it is so important to be educated on and learn the process of natural fat loss.
  4. Take It On Bit By Bit- over 90% of people who start a weight loss program end up failing, mostly in part because they are overwhelmed by the mass of information.  Think of natural fat loss as a long term program, where you can see positive changes in weight, energy, digestion, sleep, and libido after 3 months, 1 year, 5 years etc.
  5. Work On Your Mental Game- whenever you start a natural weight lossprogram you will be surprised at the amount of negativity and ” I can’t” stuff that enters your mind.  Focus in on what you can do and not all the reasons you can’t.  Use declarations daily about how you can have a trim body, more confidence, and more energy; to counteract all of the negativity out there today.  Try and get together a support group of friends and family who are behind you and believe in you, so you can get positive feedback and guidance when challenging times arise.

What ever you decide to do when it comes to natural weight loss please make sure to get some help, life is way to short to feel lousy and have no energy.  This online program that I have found so successful works because each clients is educated and guided every step of the way.  I cannot emphasize this enough that you have to know and understand something fully to get the best results, especially when it comes to nutrition and diet.

I will leave you with this tip, maybe on of the best keys to weight loss that I had no idea about, even after going through diet after diet.  The quickest 5 pounds I have ever seen come off is when I go my body more alkaline, I was eating so many acidic foods and my body was super stressed because of it.  I have a shake that is a mixture of spirulina, wheat grass and cacao powder, super health and helps relax the body.  Here are the links to the products below, I take one teaspoon of each and put it in a warm glass of almond milk.  I drink this mixture for breakfast and one hour before bed to help alkalize my body.

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